Our Artists

Anthony Moylan

Anthony Moylan has a diverse range of tattoo styles. We have seen strong and clean line work in his mandala and floral pieces, some vibrant colors in his nontraditional and traditional work as well as soft blends in his few black and grey pieces. Anthony is also pushing the boat out with unique styles such as his blue and red 3D line work tattoos and body complementing motion in his custom designs. As a tattooer still quite new to the industry he’s relatively affordable and his work speaks for itself. Above all Anthony places his clients first and respects the trust they have in him. See complete portfolio

Sarah Wilde

We spotted Sarah’s talents from afar and watched her skills progress during her early apprenticeship - in 2017 we couldn’t take it anymore and had to have her!
During her time in the Twenty Two studio, Sarah has been concentrating on her blackwork and illustrative style and is never one to shy away from the weird and wonderful.
If you’re looking for clean line work, delicate botanicals, beautiful oddities or something quirky - our resident cat lady is your gal.
See complete portfolio

Marcel Szymanski

Marcel Szymanski (aka: Mr Grumpy) is from Poland has start tattooing in 2015. Marcel specializes in black & grey realism, surrealism ,horror and loves creating original pieces. In his young years he created graffiti art now he just changed the tools :) See complete portfolio

Herbert Hellbilly

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